Globalstar and Yippy Partnership

Providing Next Generation Cloud, Security and Access Services

Globalstar, Inc. a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services, partnered with Yippy, Inc. to provide private cloud data services utilizing Globalstar’s superior satellite network and devices. Globalstar customers will have the ability to gain access more easily to internet connectivity when beyond cellular, making it easier to stay connected, efficiently maintain secure business operations and send and receive critical data. Yippy’s industry leading software platform provides a broadband-like data experience to Globalstar’s existing and prospective subscribers, and the service will be available for both first and second generation satellite services.

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This video is a demonstration of the beta version of the compression software that Yippy built for the Globalstar Sat-Fi. This is a the first beta version released in July 2015, with the production release expected early 2017. For more information contact Globalstar or Yippy through our contact pages. Welcome to the Cloud. The GLOBAL CLOUD.