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DCU.png“The Yippy Search Appliance was chosen for its superior security, search and data unification capabilities.  Yippy was the only vendor to pass our security requirements and we were up and transitioned away from Google within a matter of days.  Yippy’s team exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend their services to other credit unions and financial institutions.” Jane Fontaine, DCU’s Vice President of Human Resources and Training. Read more (Link)



"Yippy is a very dynamic company with search products that present a great and dynamic alternative as a GSA replacement for our existing client base.  We have seen Yippy's growth firsthand and believe our customers can benefit significantly from the flexibility and data unification abilities of Yippy's technology for accessing data across the enterprise." Jason Jellie, Executive Vice President, Atlantix.  Read more (Link)


Capture.png“Yippy’s compression software has performed perfectly over the last six months of beta testing and is an integral part of the evolution of data transfer via MSS delivery systems. Our collective teams are leading the way in affordable, superior satellite communications services for anyone who requires fast and efficient internet connectivity beyond the limitations of terrestrial networks." Jay Monroe, CEO of Globalstar. Read more (Link)


 GartnerPeerInsightsLogo_FINAL_onwhite_CMYK.jpg"Thanks to the proof of concept that was up and running in a day, we were able to have an employee focus group partake in the evaluation process and provide feedback. Our employees immediately loved the Yippy search experience, helping to solidify our decision to move forward with the product. The Yippy team has been knowledgeable and responsive to all of our questions." HR Executive for a 3B+ company.  Read the 5 star review (Link)


GartnerPeerInsightsLogo_FINAL_onwhite_CMYK.jpg"Yippy is truly the best in the business. We plan to assist Yippy in their sales and market penetration efforts within our client base." Director for $250M+ Communications company.  Read the 5 star review (Link)



 "I engaged Yippy to provide e-discovery search for my litigation practice. I am very impressed with Yippy's technical expertise and willingness to go the extra mile." CEO of a law firm.   Read the 5 star review (Link)


"Yippy has amassed a dynamite product suite to support use cases in government services and the financial sector which are clearly transformative and best of breed. Yippy's ability to unify all Microsoft products as well as other major business applications into a single view with document and field level security creates measurable productivity gains."                              Mr. Steven I. Cooper Former, CIO of U.S. Department of Commerce, FAA and DHS.


"It is truly remarkable that a company of Yippy's size has amassed such an impressive suite of telecom and software assets which I believe to be industry-leading with true worldwide application."                                                                                                                 Mr. Terry Clontz, Current Chairman of Starhub and Board Member of Centurylink.


"Yippy has an exceptional portfolio of assets that are proven and in production with many major organizations in diverse industries.  Yippy has untapped intelligence, regulatory and compliance capabilities that should prove revolutionary in terms of scope and cost control for clients."                                                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Robert E. Aber Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the NASDAQ


"I have followed Yippy's progress for some time, and it has become clear to me that Yippy and its leadership team are on the cutting edge of data unification and ubiquitous cloud technologies.  Yippy has combined IBM Watson® technology with breakthrough engineering processes to create a remarkable cloud that will unify people and businesses worldwide."               Harold Furchtgott-Roth Former commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


"As a long time user of the Google Search Appliance in large global organizations I know the value of enterprise search. With the introduction of Yippy Search Appliance enterprise search has gone to a new level. Whether the application is big data, discovery, M&A or sales and marketing I cannot think of an organization that could not benefit from this technology."            Art Huffman Former CIO at Halliburton & Air Liquide S.A.



I engaged Yippy to provide e-discovery search for my litigation practice. I am very impressed with Yippy's technical expertise and willingness to go the extra mile.

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Lower Cost for Feature Parity

Migrating to the Yippy Search Appliance (YSA) will lower your total cost of ownership out of the box. Additionally, the YSA onboard has an advanced feature set not present in the Google Search Appliance, including analytic NLP, email discovery, concept clustering, classification, user search ranking, tagging and saving.



Flexible access control integration including, SSO, LDAP and ACLs that provides early binding document and field level security. This insures that only the documents a user or group has permission to access will be available. The Yippy Search Appliance is the finest tool for helping organizations lock down abandoned files from their legacy systems.


As a Google Search Appliance replacement, the Yippy Search Appliance offers organizations the possibility to modify information returned in search results. The YSA allows for custom visual configurations with many parameters including word proximity, synonyms, source, link analysis, and freshness. Coupled with analytics, concept clustering, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing makes the Yippy Search Appliance the smartest appliance in the world.


See how Yippy provides more value than Google.


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